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12 Movie Plots Paraphrased in Less Than 140 Characters

Paraphrasing movies is no different from rewriting a passage, blog or article. It makes use of the same process, as you would rewrite the text of any written document. But if you don’t know how to reword text, you may want to check out the following for important tips.


General Tips in Paraphrasing a Movie

  • When watching a movie or reading its script, you should try to understand every aspect of it – as a whole – not trying to take so many pauses to write notes or phrases.
  • You don’t have to paraphrase the entire script or write about the entire movie but only get the entire point of it in your text, although you’re still advised to take note of the most important events, for instance.
  • When done watching the movie or reading the script, you can start with the rewriting task. Think of the whole point of the movie – and its most important events to include in the paraphrased version of your text.
  • When rewriting, regardless it is an article, research paper or review, you should keep the source away and start writing. Write in your own words based on what you have understood from the movie. You may also want to make use of certain quotation marks from the actors if you want to emphasize an idea or a point in your paper.
  • When done, read your paper aloud and look for essentials you probably missed. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes and finalize your paper.

There you have the ways on how to paraphrase your paper without any hassles. If you want to reword article easier and faster, you may want to get help from the experts, too. Don’t stress yourself in paraphrasing.

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