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Do You Need the Help of a Reword Sentence Generator?

reword sentence generatorTypically we reword text to avoid plagiarism, it is both illegal and unethical to use what others have written and to try to pass it off as our own work. So within academic papers, we either directly quote what the other person has written and attribute it to the original author or alternatively we paraphrase what has been written. Within academic works, we should still reference the original author as we are still using their ideas and research.

People also rewrite text or paraphrase a paragraph so as to use it elsewhere such as on a website without it triggering any penalties for plagiarism (copied content.) Paraphrasing or rewording seeks to repeat what was originally said using completely new words but fully preserving the original message.

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Can I Use a Rewording Generator Free?

Many people will try to use a rephrase a sentence generator, spinning program online or reworder generator to do their paraphrasing or rewording. The problem with these software programs is that they usually turn out writing that makes little sense at all and rarely manage to preserve the original meaning of the text.

The reason for this is that these programs just cannot read and understand what is actually written; they work by simply changing words for their synonyms but many words have different meanings depending on the context within which they are used. So if you want to have text reworded the only reliable option is to have it done by a real person not software.

Why Is It Important to Know How to Rephrase Sentences?

We rephrase sentences for a variety of reasons but typically to:

  • Show that we fully understand them
  • To make them easier to understand
  • To repurpose them for a different audience
  • To avoid any issues with plagiarism

rephrase a sentence generatorPlagiarism is using someone else’s words or ideas without attributing them to the original author. If you use another writer’s work it should be within quotation marks and you need to cite the details of the author and the publication according to the format that you are using for your paper.

Paraphrasing or rephrasing is when you repeat what the other writer has said in your own words for one of the reasons listed above. The ideas however still need to be attributed to the original author within your academic paper.

How to Reword the Sentence

Learning how to rephrase sentences is far from easy as most people go about it in the wrong manner and may still be plagiarizing the original text. You cannot just:

  • Use the original text exactly as written.
  • Change a few words here and there or switch the order of a few phrases, you are still using the bulk of the words written by the original author and their ideas.
  • You cannot just switch each word in turn for a synonym as a piece of software would. You are still plagiarizing as you are still using the exact same structure and order of ideas merely swapping words for alternatives that mean the same.

If you want to know how to rephrase sentences then you first have to understand them. Paraphrasing is getting the same ideas over in your own words. This means writing in your own language and style for your specific audience to convey the exact meaning of the original. If you cannot understand the original you cannot explain it to anyone else.To paraphrase you should:

  • Read the original several times until you have a full understanding of what is being explained.
  • Make notes of the points discussed using your own words.
  • Use those notes not the original text to rewrite the text in your own words; taking care to write according to the style and purpose of your paper.
  • Compare the two versions to make sure you haven’t reused blocks of text.

At the end of this process your paraphrased version should not be in the same order as the original text, nor should it contain any blocks of text that are lifted directly or similar to the original writing.

Who Can Paraphrase a Sentence for Me?

Not everyone knows how to rephrase sentences so if you are struggling then it is best to seek help rather than risk having problems with plagiarism. We are a highly professional rewording and paraphrasing company that can rephrase paragraph, paraphrase a paragraph and even entire papers and articles to your specific needs. We use subject experts that hold higher degrees that will be able to fully understand the text that you require rephrased. They will write according to your specific requirements and we will both proofread and put through a plagiarism tester the rewritten text.

online rephrase a sentence generator

We Can Do Better Than Any Reword Sentence Generator

If you want your rewording done perfectly without even a hint of plagiarism then you need to use a professional rewording service such as ours. We only use highly experienced and very well qualified rewriters that all hold higher level degrees within the areas in which they work. This ensures that they fully understand the text that they are going to reword. Our writers work carefully with you to fully understand the full purpose of your rewording so that they can ensure that your new document is written exactly as you need it.

Our services are supplied with all of the following:

  • Around the clock support 7 days a week for all clients
  • Plagiarism testing to ensure that only original copying free documents are received
  • Proofreading so that all documents are perfectly rewritten to a high standard
  • On time delivery within your requested deadline
  • A full satisfaction money back guarantee on every order

So if you are looking for a rewording service that can provide you with the quality that you need don’t use a free reword sentence generator; contact our experts here instead for a reliable and affordable rewording service. And if you are looking for rewording websites or reword sentences tool, we can assist with that as well.

Not satisfied with reword sentence generator? If you want the help of someone that really knows how to rephrase sentences just contact our experts here today!