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Best Resume Rewording Checklist: How to Increase Your Chances for Success

Why You Should Rephrase a Resume

Job hunting can be quite stressful. You have to make sure your resume is perfect while ensuring you meet the requested criteria when applying for a job. However, if you want to make this process more comfortable, you can rephrase your resume. Resume rewording is an excellent way to make sure your resume is aligned with the company’s values. If you rephrase your resume, you will be able to apply to different jobs. When doing so, you can highlight different skills depending on the position you are applying to.

Rephrasing a resume can help you get an interview at the company of your dreams while saving you time by not having to write a new resume. It can also help you to identify if you have the skills the company is looking for. If you have them, make sure you explain them through your career background and personal achievements.

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Steps Involved in Resume Rewording

Rewriting an old resume will be necessary if you haven’t been keeping it up to date. The following are the basic steps in revising old resumes:

  • Choose the best resume format: The chronological resumes are the most popular and favored by employers but a functional format or a targeted/hybrid resume will better serve your purpose at times
  • Include a summary section in place of an objectives section: Use it to provide a brief summary of your qualifications for the position you are applying for. Highlighting specific qualifications the job calls for can generate interest so the reader will want to continue further.
  • Keep the resume brief: Short and concise is the way to go. One page is considered long enough unless you have an extensive work history and experience.
  • Highlight your accomplishments: Make your accomplishments stand out by using bold letters or italics so that potential employers see what you did for the last company you worked for.
  • Use keywords in your resume: There are many companies that scan resumes looking for specific keywords they included in their job description. Use some of the relevant words and phrases that match those used in the job listing.
  • Eliminate unnecessary information: Don’t include things like hobbies and unrelated skills when you rewrite your resume. Information that isn’t relevant to the position you are applying for should be removed from the resume.
  • Make your resume easy to scan: Use bullet points, indentations, header lines and white space effectively so that your resume is easy to scan. It will also make the resume more visually appealing.
  • Use a font that is easy to read: Times New Roman, Georgia or some other easy to read font is best for resumes. A font size of 12 is good and you should never use less than 10.
  • Proofread for mechanical errors: Eliminate any spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical errors. They create a bad impression and can sink your chances right from the start.
  • Avoid plagiarism: you can reword a paragraph by using some online tool as rewording generator.

How to Paraphrase a Resume

Our expert writers have outlined some useful advice you can follow when you are doing a resume rephrase task. Ensure you apply them, and you will get the results you are looking for.

First of all, before rephrasing your resume, you will need to read several times the description of the job offer. Identify the key skills they are looking for, as well as the experience and academic background. Once you have them, highlight those points on your resume. Start to rephrase your resume by explaining those points.

They should be the main focus on your resume. Keep rewriting it by adding relevant words and phrases to your relevant experience and academic background. After you have finished, make sure you have included all the important information, and that your resume is easy to skim. This will help you stand out from the competition.

Use a Resume Rephrase Checklist to Ensure nothing Is Overlooked

resume rewording Once you have finished rewriting your resume it is a good idea to use a checklist and ensure all necessary changes were made. It is easy to overlook something, and you want to submit the best resume possible. The following is a checklist of things you should verify before submitting the resume you rewrote:

  • Did you begin with a clear summary statement that highlights skills you have the job requires?
  • Is the resume concise? Has it been kept to one page?
  • Is it easy to scan the resume? Was white space used effectively?
  • Are headings clear?
  • Did you use bulleted statements to draw attention to important information?
  • Does your resume include language, keywords, and skills from the job posting?
  • Did you use a plain font that is large enough to read easily?
  • Is correct spelling used throughout the resume?
  • Is correct grammar used throughout the resume?
  • Did you choose the best format for your resume?
  • Does the resume emphasize achievements rather than job titles?
  • Did you include quantifiable information?

Benefits of Rewriting Resumes

Technology has changed the way resumes are written and continues to do so. Failing to keep up with changes in the way resumes are written will make it less likely that you will land a resume and give employers the impression you are out of touch. However, just because you haven’t had to look for a new job in several years doesn’t mean you have to start over with a completely new resume. If done correctly resume rewording will ensure you have an up to date and relevant document to submit when applying for a new position.

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