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Common Mistakes in Paraphrasing Paragraphs

Paraphrasing is writing the original text into new words with the same meaning. The original text can be shorten or lengthen depending on what you want to happen but it is essential to keep the important ideas.

Paraphrasing Paragraphs: Common Mistakes

There are common mistakes that students do when it comes to paraphrasing. They don’t know that they need to change the words of the text totally. Here are some lists of common mistakes in rephrasing.

Using original sentence structure of the text: This is one of the common mistakes of students because they use the same sentence structure in paraphrasing. In paraphrasing, this is a big no since it is important to substitute the original words with new ones.

Inadvertently use words: People who are not careful in paraphrasing inadvertently use words from the original text. It is better to use original words and have your own writing style.

Panic: Students make mistakes in rewording because they panic. This means that they only do their assignment until the last minute. Because of that, they cannot produce a great paper, and they unintentionally plagiarize because they do not have much time.

Substitute synonyms:  One of the common mistakes in paraphrasing is that people simply substitute synonyms into original text. You need to remember that the sentence structure must need to be altered.

Avoiding Mistakes in Paraphrasing Paragraphs

  • Carefully read the original output
  • Understand what the author is saying
  • Synthesizing information
  • Expressing understanding of the original passage with the use of new or your own words

The question “How can I paraphrase a paragraph?” is a common question for students especially if it’s their first time in paraphrasing. It does not matter whether a student has experience or do not have experience in rephrasing because what’s important is that a student needs to understand the rules in rewording paragraphs. In order to avoid the mistakes, students must take note the rules.

Mistakes will always appear if you don’t have any idea about paraphrasing. You can never make a good paper if you don’t take seriously the rules in paraphrasing. Read and remember the rules to make a good paper that is well paraphrased.