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Help with Paraphrasing and Plagiarism

Is Plagiarism Paraphrasing Illegal?

When you start paraphrasing plagiarism, the first question which comes to your mind is about the legal status of it. The answer is, No! This practice is legal and justified as we are presenting the ideas of other people in our own words, but we are acknowledging them by citing the proper reference.

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Some Interesting Facts

  • Most of the people have no idea what content piracy is a crime and they don’t care about it.
  • More than 80% of university graduates admit copying someone’s material, without citing the reference.
  • 60% of students use the Internet for borrowing someone’s idea.
  • Educational institutions are working for the lower copying text rate, but unfortunately, it’s increasing.
  • In schools, students don’t take copy-paste content seriously and instead of expressing the material in other words, they prefer to copy it. interestingly, no one is ever caught in school

Why Changing Wording Is a Tough Process?

We do paraphrasing and plagiarism highlighting, but it is actually a tough process. There are many reasons for that, for instance, people lack writing skills or don’t have enough knowledge. Moreover, people have very little experience with synonyms, and they find swapping words very difficult. All these factors lead to hiring a plagiarism paraphrasing service.

When you copy the material from a source without changing anything and do not cite the reference properly, it is called the plagiarizing. When you try changing plagiarism by paraphrasing, you write an idea in your own words and cite the proper reference too. The author of the source material is properly acknowledged for his work. That is why you should maintain this idea but with your own words.

Why Do People Need to Help with Refreshing Content?

There are many reasons, which force people to it:

Improve the quality

Sometimes the idea is very good but the way it is presented in is not very attractive. So, people do wording changing to improve the quality of the content.

Escape from copy-paste content

The most important reason to avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing. if you will change content without quotes, it will be caught as plag.

Publishing on different forums

When people want to publish their content on different forums to reach more and more people, they need to refresh it. Online service is quite helpful in this regard.

Better understanding

When you rehash, it reflects that you have understood the main idea perfectly.

The Consequences of Changed Original Text

There are many consequences and they all are positive. For instance, …

  • The quality of the content gets really better after it.
  • You feel confident that you have rewritten the content and you trust your writing skills.
  • You can use the material, which you need and leave the rest.it improves the quality of your documents.

What Are the 5 Best Strategies?

People prefer to hire professional service, however, you can do the paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism on your own too. These best strategies will help you to make an original paper:

  • Use of synonyms. It is the most commonly used strategy. People replace the words with their synonyms. However, it this strategy is used alone, it will be of no use.
  • Change the order. Another effective strategy is to change the order. Start the sentence from those words, which were used in the end in the original text. However, you have to use this strategy wisely, if you have command on the language.
  • Change the voice. It’s another popular strategy, people chance the active voice to passive voice and vice versa.
  • Change a sentence structure. This is considered as the most effective strategy. You have to change the structure of the sentence. But people with good writing skills can use this.
  • Paragraph restructuring. When the document is long, change phrase by phrase instead of paragraphs. The results will be better with this strategy.

Why Services Matters?

You may wonder why you need to know paraphrasing and plagiarism differences and use particular services. Students and PhD scholars know that they have to use the articles and research papers of the other people to support their own research. They have to cite those papers. If they are not good at writing, the will fair to make it correctly. It will result in piracy. Nowadays, we have a variety of software which can be caught on plagiarizing easily. This is a crime in the academic field and it has some serious consequences too. if you want to avoid all these problems, you have to ask for the unplagiarizing help.

We Are the Best Solution For You

We are the best solution for your number of problems. you can contact us for any kind of document writing, here are some areas we provide our services in:

Academic Papers

We provide services for all your academic documents. We can write your thesis, research papers, articles, dissertation, class assignments, essay, term papers or any other kind of documents.

Work with Content

We have experts, who can deal with the required subject field text, either it is your website content, case studies, blogs, checklists or interviews.

Business Documents

It is considered as one of the most difficult types of documents to write. But we have experts for the writing of your business reports, marketing materials, instruction manuals and all types of business letters. What else? Other than the above-stated documents, we can write stories, poems, poetries, reports and books for you.

Our Features and Guarantees

If you are looking for the best website, we are the one. We provide writing service to our clients and we offer a variety of other services too. Here are our top features:

  • Dealing with any type of content. We offer affordable prices for any types of content. It can be an academic document or a business letter or a piece of literature.
  • Expert writers. Unlike others, our writers are expert and experienced in their respective field. They are years of experience in plagiarism and paraphrasing, which make them perfect writers.
  • Custom formatting. Different documents require different formatting styles. Our experts are well aware of these formatting styles. We can do custom formatting for you, according to your preferred style.
  • Additional research. If some additional research is required for the completion of your document, our experts can easily do that.
  • Unlimited revisions. We work according to the instructions of our clients, but if you are not satisfied and need some edits, we can do unlimited revisions for you.
  • Handle short deadlines. We can deliver your documents as soon as you need them. We can work for very short deadlines too.

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Our Guarantees

If you hire us, we offer different guarantees too.

  • Quality. We have top writers in our team. We ensure our clients, that the content is of top quality and there are no mistakes and errors.
  • Confidentiality. We guarantee that we take care of the information you share with us, either it’s your personal information and the professional information, it is kept confidential.
  • Money-back guarantee. We offer a money-back guarantee to our clients. If you are not satisfied with our work, you can take your money back.
  • Full-time support. Our support team is available round the clock. You can contact them via phone or send then email regarding your problem. They respond quickly.
  • Verified payment method. Our payment method is safe and secure. You can use your debit card or credit card without any fear.
  • Affordable price. When compared to other service providers, you will notice that our prices are affordable. You can get additional discounts as well, which are offered from time to time.

If you need to get refresh documents or just unique papers, don’t wait a minute to hire us!