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Most Commonly Asked and Other Questions

Would be it plagiarism if I change the source text into my words?

Ans: sentence rephrasing is always prestigious service from the seasoned professionals those are well aware of plagiarism. This service will produce completely plagiarism-free results for the clients with the utmost quality in addition. There will be plagiarism check for the output by the service provider before sending it to the client.
Reword paragraphs online is a manual service or a performed through software tool?

Ans: our rephrase my paragraph online service is purely manual service from the seasoned professionals. Seasoned professionals with a great command over the language will work on the task and we will use no software tools for these tasks too.
How long will it take to complete plagiarism-free sentence rephrasing?

Ans: Time to complete a sentence rephrasing task is mainly dependent on the volume of the document. But, we have a team of professionals to complete any volume of the task quickly and this will always ensure quick completion of tasks for our clients.
Is there any program available from you?

Ans: There are few types of programs available online, but a program always fails at offering good quality. We always rely on manual efforts and our team of experts’ works manually on every task for our clients to ensure quality outcome without fail.
What is sentence rewording generator?

Ans: Sentence rewording generator is the software to offer quick rephrasing sentences online for the tasks. We are always against to use such sentence rewording generator for our clients’ needs. Outcome considered through sentence rewording generator will have more chance to offer plagiarism content. We always keep away from such options and ensure good quality plagiarism free output for our clients through manual efforts only. Sentence rephrasing is always good through manual working than software tools.

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