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Simple Tips on Sentence Rephrasing

Sentence Rephrasing – A Sensitive Matter

Sometimes, people think sentence rephrasing is just too basic and that rephrasing need not be as demanding as it is nowadays; not too challenging to hire an expert in the paraphrasing field to collaborate with, just for this simple task. It might be simpler for some native English speakers to reword a sentence, but it is difficult for a beginner student, studying English as a second language.

Sentence rephrasing may be expected to be as simple as rewriting a composition, but it should be known that sentence rephrasing is a sensitive task when it involves paper writing. A one-liner sentence with clumsy rewording can reap someone severe punishment for committing plagiarism. Not following the rules and guidelines in paper writing may result to any legal impediment and university sanction. Inserting some other people’s work and citing them both in the in-text citation and under the bibliography should not be a problem, as long as sentence rephrasing has to be carried on effectively. Colleges and Universities around the world have developed sentence rephrasing guidelines for students not to commit serious cases of plagiarism.

Sentence Rephrasing – Simple Tips to Follow

  • Break down complex sentences into short simpler ones and start introducing synonyms.
  • Simple paraphrases may introduce definitions to reword a sentence. Structures may not necessarily change in these simple cases, as long as the words are entirely different from the original. In more complex rewording scenarios, a change in the structure is the safest way in going about sentence rephrasing.
  • Learn to play with the sentence voice during rewording. Changing a passive voice into active, may change the emotional tone, but not the original message.
  • Compare the new sentence with the original sentence. Assess the two sentences, as if you are not the one who rephrased it.
  • Rewrite in many different versions if you still have the pleasure of time. Choose the best version that makes the message clearer than the original.
  • It is always best to have somebody double check the sentences other than a friend. It is best to consider a paraphrasing service in this case.