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I am seeking for professional rewording and my friend told about the service. I still remember how the service satisfied me about my paper. They have great writers and I love how they reword my paper. It is a great thing that I know about them because I can always rely on them whenever I need paraphrasing.

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Can re wording help you avoid plagiarism?

You cannot just reuse other writers’ ideas and words exactly as they have written them as this is considered plagiarism or copying. It is illegal and highly unethical especially within academic writing. Committing plagiarism can end your academic or writing career so it is vital that you ensure that you do not plagiarize other peoples writing. Typically plagiarism is:

  • Copying another person’s paper and submitting it as your own work
  • Using sections from other peoples work and just copying and pasting into your own work
  • Having a third party heavily edit or write work that you then submit as your own
  • Using other peoples writing or ideas within your work without making clear citations as to who the original author is

Re wording can help you avoid plagiarism as long as it is done correctly.

Is it possible to reword sentences free and avoid plagiarism?

Rewording tools that you will find free to use and download online work in a very simple manner. They will simply take each word in turn within the original text or even a short phrase and swap it for a synonym; a word that means the same. The problem is that even if the software can get it perfectly right you will still end up with a version that is very similar in structure and wording to the original and it can still be seen as plagiarized content. In addition to this these pieces of software will often select inappropriate words and the resulting text will make little or no sense at all. The only way that you can truly paraphrase and avoid plagiarism is through the use of an expert reworder.

How do you do re wording to avoid plagiarism?

To paraphrase correctly you must first of all be able to fully understand what has been written. Paraphrasing is about repeating the meaning in your own words not mechanically changing selected words. So to paraphrase you need to;

  • Read the original several times to fully understand all of the points raised
  • Make notes of each point in your own words
  • Rewrite using your own notes without reference to the original
  • Compare the two versions to ensure they are completely different

A properly paraphrased version will contain the ideas in a different order than the original and will have different sentence and paragraph structures.

We can provide guaranteed re wording

We use some of the very best qualified and highly experienced reworders that you will find online. Through them we provide unique perfectly written text that will pass any tests for plagiarism. In fact all of our writing is passed through a plagiarism tester and carefully proofread prior to delivery to our clients. So if you need a careful re wording of your paper to avoid plagiarism just contact our experts here today. We can reword a paper or write a thesis restatement in a blink of an eye so don’t hesitate to lean on us for help.